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Real Estate Nightmare 12

For those of you who have missed my previous two, here’s another good one.This has to do with all you DIYers. One thing many forgot or ignore is getting a permitfor your construction, even in

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Real Estate Nightmare 11

Real Estate Nightmare: When Agents go bad or deals go wrong. We hear lots of horror stories from buyers and sellers of real estate.  We also have begun to hear landlord and tenant stories in

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Real Estate Nightmare 10

When agents go REAL Bad!This latest nightmare comes from a visitor to a recent open house I was hosting.The visitor was very open sharing her ongoing experience with a nightmare purchase that

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Real Estate Nightmare 9

The double ending, the CBC, and You the Consumer.With our love/hate relationship with journalists, the CBC has again brought real estate sales representative (AKA agents) to the fore.  In a

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